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Meet Our Plant-Based Hydrosols: Your Skin's New BFF

What is a Hydrosol? A Hydrosol is an aromatic ‘plant water’ created from nutrient-rich plants and flowers. Using the same steam distillation process used to create essential oils, Hydrosols contain the water-soluble therapeutic components of a plant that don’t make it into an essential oil. Hydrosols are the gentler, uniquely restorative counterparts to essentials oils and can be used in countless ways to heal, hydrate, and glowify the skin! How our Hydrosols are made: Freshly harvested organic plants and flowers are placed in a distillation tank. High-pressure steam releases the essential oils and nutrients from the plant. Fat-soluble components separate and float to the top – this becomes essential oils. The water-soluble, nutrient-rich water that’s left is the Hydrosol! Our...

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