The Ancestral Collection Volume: 2 is an ode to our Ancestors who broke through every chain, to only rise again. The collection is in honor of our Ancestors, to those who have lived and for whom, have returned. 🇨🇻

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The Confidence Kit X Medeaij is BACK. The Confidence Highlighter & The Concise Eyeshadow.

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Doubledown X Walmart

Doubledown Cosmetics is now a retail partner at Walmart on Doubledown Cosmetics is now part of the Mindful Experience initiative for wellness beauty brands at Walmart.

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Doubledown X Hellablack

Doubledown Cosmetics is now a proud retail partner of HellaBlack.

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Doubledown Community

Where we create with color with representation for all.

Indiemood Doubles down, with Doubledown Cosmetics.

Founders, Marvin & Kristen Speller, get interviewed by Indiemood, talking all about their mission and their story.

Brand Mission

Doubledown Cosmetics was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA by husband & wife, Marvin & Kristen Speller. Doubledown Cosmetics is a Non-GMO, Organic, Gluten Free & Cruelty Free Cosmetic & Skincare Brand. 
We are black owned, created & operated.
Doubledown Cosmetics offers vegan cosmetics, skincare & cosmetic bags, as there is something for all consumers.
Marvin & Kristen, founded the Domestic Violence Glam UP Program in 2012 and have partnered with local community organizations to provide not only makeovers, but education & resources for survivors on health & wellness, which begins from the inside. 

Doubledown Cosmetics Charitable Donations are donated to Domestic Violence & Homeless Communities of Los Angeles, CA.
In 2020, Doubledown Cosmetics charitable contributions were donated to Rainbow Services, a Domestic Violence Organization in San Pedro, CA. Their contribution was donated in honor of Dr. Beth Bonzo, former Rainbow Services Trustee, who died from Domestic Violence in 2019.
Dr. Bonzo was a tireless champion of Domestic Violence, a friend of 7 years to both
Marvin & Kristen. 
Brand Mission:

Doubledown Cosmetics takes their community from victims to survivors, which represents the 1:1 equals 2, model as they Doubledown and get it done. A brand created by a survivor for all survivors. They serve with purpose, creation, color, while representative of all.