We are a Conscious Community Award Winning Beauty Brand serving with purpose, creation and color, using organic and sustainable ingredients, where all of our colors are representative of all. Featured in Essence Magazine, Yahoo News, Yoga Journal, Organic Spa Magazine, Byrdie, & Who What Wear, Doubledown Cosmetics has been featured by several editors and journalists. Made here in the USA, we pride ourselves with offering each and every one of you quality ingredients in makeup & skincare, for you and our community.

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  • Organic Face Masks

    The Rosewater Organic Green Clay Mask and Detox Collagen Mask X Jaji, will replenish your skin with plant based ingredients.

  • The Future Lip Balm

    The Future Lip Balm, a best seller at Walmart, has a berry toned tint for everyday or glam up days.

  • The BabsGlo Eyeshadow

    The BabsGlo, a vibrant, purple eyeshadow, named after the founders mothers.

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Award Winning Skincare

Organic Rosewater Clay Face Mask