Cucumber Hydrosol: More Than Just Skincare

When we developed our Cucumber Hydrosol, with the purest, organic ingredients, we knew that it would not only soften and nourish our outer layers of our skin, but it has been a game changer for our scalps and my hair.

I recently just cut 10 inches off of the longest layers of my hair, to restart my hair growth & hair journey and a chance to renew in 2022. One of the products that has been a staple in my scalp and hair nourishment routine, is our Cucumber Hydrosol. 

We not only use this to refreshen our hair and for me personally, I use this to pump up my natural curls during the day and we use this 3 times a week on our scalp at night. The hydrosol not only smells divine, but since it contains anti-inflammatory and calming properties, it helps to soothe any irritation on my head. Los Angeles can be a pretty dry climate overall and I want to make sure that my hair is taken care of. 

Environmental factors can lead to dehydration of your overall skin and hair and cucumber’s high water content, allows this incredible vegetable, to be naturally hydrating.

When creating our products, we always try to think in terms of offering multi-use products, which we are known for. It is important to us as brand founders to have products that can be used for different things. Our Cucumber Hydrosol is just one of the very many multi use products that we offer.

Our hydrosols are multi-facted for skin & hair and if you want to add a little extra hydration to your scalp, skin and hair, look no further than our cucumber hydrosol.

Sustainable, organic and effective by nature.

Doubling down,

Kristen & Marvin

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