THE FUTURE COLLECTION: Doubledown x Medeaij

We’re so excited to announce THE FUTURE, our newest collection and collaboration with the beautiful and talented UK-based Content Creator, Medeaij. It’s a peacock hued, aquamarine inspired, ode to the sky and sea. This is a truly treasured collection for us, developed with a beautiful creator we LOVE and created with so much intention, inspiration, and love.

In today’s blog, we sat down with Medeaij and dove deep into all those gorgeous hues, the inspiration behind them, and what makes each product in this collection covet-worthy.

“Collaborating with a black owned, clean beauty brand to bring you a collection and color story that speaks to my soul is a blessing and a testament to the power that black people have when we come together for a common goal.” – Medeaij 


This collection is more than makeup – it’s a promise, a statement, a goal. Being a black owned brand and Medeaij, a black influencer, this collection symbolizes purpose and perseverance and the belief in a better future for the coming generation.  

Every product is made with beautiful organic, non-GMO, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients for shadows that love your skin as much as you love the colors. Purchase the collection altogether or any product on its own!

"I drew strength from our black power and our strong BELIEF that the world can UNIFY in STRENGTH for sake of our children and the FUTURE we are building for them." - Medeaij
The Light Highlighter

A beautifully buildable highlighter that goes from slightly alight to blindingly bright. Backed with green and gold undertones for an underwater, touched-with-turquoise, mermaid-inspired vibe that’s next-level stunning. Yes, we know, green sounds scary, but you will love the incandescent gleam it gives you.  

Medeaij’s inspiration for shade & the name: I have always wanted to create a green highlighter. I’ve never seen one that was wearable, radiant, and truly green toned like this one. The collection built itself around this seriously stunning highlighter.

I named it ‘The Light’ because we’ve been in darkness for so long, but now people are beginning to review their unconscious biases and their opinions, behaviours, and beliefs about black people. The light symbolizes hope that we’ll continue down this path and that black people will keep rising up.

Stackable Eyeshadows

A striking trio of high-impact, beautifully complementary shadows in aquatic blues and underwater greens. It feels like the sea at its most aesthetic and editorial. Yes, the shades are BRIGHT, but also surprisingly wearable. They’re that just-right dose of drama to add some interest and depth to your everyday look (or take it all the way for a next-level LEWK when you’re feeling it!)

Available individually for $12 each or as a stackable set of 3 for $32.


A luminescent mossy lime green like the outermost layer of a peacock feather.

Medeaij’s inspiration for this shade: this shade catches the light in the most crazy beautiful way – it feels luminous without being glittered. It’s the hero shade of the collection and it truly has my heart. ‘The Belief’ represents my belief that our actions and words during this time will lead to transformation and a new reality for the black community.  


Medeaij’s wearing The Belief shadow and The Light Highlighter in this look. Watch her full tutorial here

An incandescent azure that feels like sky and sea at its brightest and most vivid.

Medeaij’s inspiration for the name: The Strength symbolizes the momentum we’ve gained – the world is listening now. Life has slowed down and everyone’s paying attention - this is a time to gear up and keep going.

Medeaji's wearing The Strength Shadow and The Light Highlighter in this look

A turquoise-toned neutral mossy green with hints of golden glimmer.

Medeaij’s inspiration for the name: we have been divided for so long, but I am looking into the future and believing in a unified race. The end of separation, discord, inequality, bias, and injustice.


Medeaij's wearing all the shades in this look: The Belief, The Strength, The Unity, and The Light Highlighter


Our original, cult-favorite organic tinted lip balm. We included this must-have balm as a bonus item in this collection so you can create an entire look from lid to lip. Plus, it’s named the future as well!


What was your role in creating this collection?

I was so grateful to be deeply involved in every aspect of this collection, from choosing the colors and shade names to deciding on the formula and consistency, to creating the campaign looks and photos. I even got to weigh in on the font!

We went through so many different samples to decide on the perfect hues, undertones, formula, and packaging (I loved the idea of stackables). Kristen’s been so kind to let me be really hands on throughout the whole process. It’s opened my eyes to what an enormous task it is to produce a collection from start to finish.

How did you pick the colors for this collection?

We wanted to do something more adventurous and bigger than our last collaboration. Neutrals scare me and I wanted to work with my favorite colors – greens and blues. Color is so second nature to me and I love sharing that with others. 

What is the inspiration for this collection? And how did you pick the names?

This year has been difficult for everyone in one way or another. When we finally finalized the formulation and colors, Kristen gave me a lot of time to think about names. I wanted the names to be about growth, a new season, and renewal. Then the black lives matter movement reignited with the killing of George Floyd and it put me in such an emotional state. I have a little boy and it made me feel very fearful for him – not knowing what the future of a black boy will be in 10 years.

So, I wanted this collection to speak into the future and empower people. Even though we’ve been in this for so long, this year has presented us with an opportunity for change in every single area. I wanted the buyers of this collection to know that they’re sowing a promise of growth and investing in the possibility of better opportunities for black youth and future generations.

We need our young people to know that it’s not ok to accept injustice, it’s not ok to be left behind, and if you work hard you should be rewarded. By investing in black businesses and black creators we believe in, we’re sending that message loud and clear to the younger generation.  

What makes these eyeshadows and highlighter special?

They are seriously the easiest loose eyeshadows to use - so simple to apply with either your fingers or a brush.

The eyeshadows combine and blend so well with any eyeshadow formulation. You don’t have to wet your brush or go the extra mile to get them to pop - they just naturally glisten and gleam in the most stunning way. The colors and consistency perform equally well for an experienced makeup artist or a complete novice. And this is all achieved with safe, natural, organic ingredients!

The highlighter will last you basically forever because you only need the tiniest amount – it’s pigmented enough for dramatic, editorial makeup artists yet totally usable for the everyday person as either a highlighter or an eyeshadow. And my favorite part: this cap is designed with a twist design so when you open it, the product doesn’t fly everywhere like other loose highlighters.


Do you have any tips on applying loose eyeshadows?

The most important tip: start with a base – whether that’s a dedicated base or just a concealer, it makes all the difference. If you’re new to loose eyeshadows, start by applying with your finger instead of a brush. That way, you have more control with the placement of color.

If you’re confident with shadows, use a flat shadow brush and just press it into the skin. Tap your brush to remove any excess product before applying.

I personally think loose eyeshadows are the most versatile shadows because they’re very forgiving – you can easily blend them away or pack them on.

Why do you love partnering with Doubledown?

Kristen (Doubledown Founder) and I have so much in common and the fact that her company supports the domestic violence community speaks to my heart. Any brand that contributes to a bigger cause is golden in my eyes.

I’ve known Kristen for 5-6 years and we’ve always encouraged each other and built each other up. We’ve grown together and we have such a warm friendship and partnership. I’m grateful to know someone that’s as passionate as I am about making a difference in the industry. Kristen is so full of passion, it’s contagious.

I love that Doubledown is so purposeful with their products – they’re vegan, cruelty-free, made with organic ingredients, and sustainably packaged with soy-based inks and bags made from recycled fabric scraps.

Why do you love makeup? And eyeshadow especially?

I’m a mom, a wife, and I work full-time so my life is very busy. Makeup and photography are my creative outlets – when I sit in my makeup chair, nothing else matters in that moment. That’s when my creative juices start flowing and I can change up my look. My husband is always like “who am I getting today” because I’m always experimenting with different looks! I love that I can be whoever I want to be with makeup – it’s fun and a stress release for me.

I love eyeshadows because I LOVE color. I get so excited when I see a new color story! I know I need a shadow in my life when I start to envision looks in my head – no other beauty product does that for me. I have literally hundreds of eyeshadow palettes.


We are beyond excited to see the looks you all create using The Future Collection! Tag us in your looks on Instagram! 
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