Who We Are

We are unique as a husband and wife founder team. Our 11 years together, have led our deep love for one another, into a deeper love for our community. I (Kristen) am a 14 year survivor of Domestic Violence as I escaped my ex-husband and lived in hiding 4 years.
While I was in hiding, I became very ill, with multiple hospitalizations from dealing with neurological trauma. My physician sent me for a paraben study and although it came back inconclusive, it was enough to get my wheels turning. So much so, that when we started our Domestic Violence Glam UP Program in 2012, we reached out to several organic & sustainable beauty brands who donated to us for our survivors.
Our Glam UP program provides free makeovers to all survivors, survivor assistance and court advocacy.
In 2017, we founded and created Doubledown Cosmetics. We started with a makeup bag made of leftover and recycled materials, that said "Starts With Foundation" on it. The makeup swatch on that bag was the foundation that I used to cover up my wounds to keep my job in Corporate America while I was being abused. It was an "ah ha" moment for the both of us to release our first product, because we believe that everything starts with foundation and how we should use these pillars to lead with love.
Since the beginning of my husband and I meeting, we have served our Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Communities of Los Angeles, CA.
In 2021 thru 2022, here at Doubledown Cosmetics in conjunction with our Non-Profit, From Here to There LA, we served the communities in several capacities. We partnered on the Street Team, significantly impacting the Domestic Violence and Unhoused Communities here in Los Angeles, CA.
Our hydration and sanitation drive reached over 500 of the Unhoused Veterans and provided our soldiers with sanitation supplies. We hydrated over 1000 men & women in both the Domestic Violence and Unhoused sector.

In 2021, over 75 Glam UP Makeovers for Doubledown Cosmetics, were performed in Los Angeles County and The San Fernando Valley. 
This year in 2022, we have assisted survivors of Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking in 5 court cases & legal proceedings this year, writing victim impact statements, working with Co-counsel attorneys, assisting with filing restraining orders and helping survivors find shelter.
We are honored that you are here reading our story as we welcome you to our community. We are a different kind of brand, unique in every way.
We are Doubledown Cosmetics, where we double down and we get it done.
Marvin and Kristen Speller