Is DD a Mission Led Brand?

Doubledown cosmetics is a mission led brand, as founders, Marvin & Kristen, created The Domestic Violence Glam UP program in 2012 and made this a part of their brand, charitable work and humanitarian endeavors.

Are DD products made in the US?

Yes, all of them!

Is DD Cruelty Free?

Yes we are 100% Cruelty Free, as well as our manufacturers.

What retailers is Doubledown in?

You can find us in stock at Walmart, Herbally Grounded, Hellablack, Yuty or order directly through our DD website!

Does DD ship internationally?

Yes we do! Please check your specific global region through our website.

Does DD have products for acne?

Yes, our skincare line is made gently for all skin types, focusing on hydration and soothing ingredients.