Domestic Violence-Giveback & Community Commitment

Doubledown Cosmetics Community Commitment reaches far beyond cosmetics. Their commitment to Domestic Violence and Homelessness in Los Angeles, CA is tied to their brand mission. 

Through their Domestic Violence Glam UP Program founded in 2012, they have provided over 200 cosmetics makeovers to the Domestic Violence Community of Los Angeles. Through this program, they provide victims and survivors access to clean cosmetics, create victim impact statements, restraining order assistance, court advocacy and resume assistance. In addition, Marvin & Kristen also work closely with their elected officials to mandate stricter legislation for Domestic Violence.

Through their Homeless Transitional Programs, they provide free health and human capital life coaching, as Marvin is a trained Master Life and Health Coach, food, clothing and job interview assistance. 

We serve with purpose, creation and color. A brand built by a survivor, made for all survivors.