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The Fortune Highlighter-Ancestral Collection Vol: 1

The Fortune Highlighter-Ancestral Collection Vol: 1

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The islands of Cabo Verde have often been called “The Fortunate Isles” named after a book that we read 20 years ago by Basil Davidson. He found our country to be filled with many fortunes and riches. With the constant fight toward our freedom, our revolutionary, Amílcar Cabral, took this mantra and fought for justice and freedom. ✊🏽🇨🇻✊🏽🇨🇻✊🏽🇨🇻✊🏽🇨🇻✊🏽

As part of The Ancestral Collection Vol. 1, this is The Fortune. Vibrant, golden, irredescent and radiant, just like the people of our nation.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide 

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